Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My apartment is officially a bat cave! To my horror, a bat flew in through my (french) balcony, rammed the wall and fell splat on the living area!

Me: ..was that a bat??

The brave(r) one: ..iiiccckkkkk...its a bat!!!

All hell broke loose, 3 girls running around the apartment shrieking everytime the poor bat makes a move. The small pieces of info on bats starts spewing out.."aren't bats poisonous?","i thought it was just the droppings..", "can they sense us?" ... " I thought they're blind.." "OMG!! they are blind, haven't you heard the saying as blind as a bat..".

We were such girlie girls! If there was a fly on the wall, it would have fallen and died laughing!

Grabbed my phone and started calling people for help cos' none of us can get near the bat without screaming or running a-la-ballet (but reversing away from the bat).. Seriously, where are my heroes when I need them? After 15 long minutes of "hahahahaha...really??? a bat??? sorry but we're at , hope you'll be okay..calm down, okay?" - meaning we're not around the area so you just have to handle the vampire, our saviour comes in the form of a neighbour, whom I barely knew. Note to self: get a nice muffin basket to my brave neighbour!

There we were, traumatized and sweating like pigs, sitting on the sofa; not knowing whether we should cry or laugh, we decided to just go have dinner as planned earlier....approximately 20 minutes before the "crash landing".

During the mind-numbing drive to our favorite cheap dinner haunt, I came up with the following -

1. Always have your mobile with you, bills paid and battery charged

2. Get to know thy neighbour, save their phone number

3. Store the guard house direct line on your mobile. Never just rely on the intercom, in case something yucky stands between you and the intercom

4. Have a man (who is NOT afraid of bats) in the house

5. It is nice to have friends around you when something scary happens

I didn't order the black pepper steak like I wanted b.b* after seeing mini dracula crawling around my place..I ain't eating anything black!!!

* before bat-crash.