Friday, April 29, 2005

Me, myself & I

I do believe that I am the MOST selfish person in the world nowadays. Everything is about ME. When it comes to food, it’s what I want to eat or drink. When I go to sleep, Homer, is only allowed to watch his daily dosage of Desperate Housewives using headsets. When I have the hunger pangs in the middle of the night, I’ll wake Homer up so he can make toast/soup/instant noodle for me, as I may faint from all the hunger.

My drinks have to be just the right mix of Sunquick and cold water, juices must be chilled and not too sweet. I have priority when it comes to bathroom use. If I say my breasts hurts, it will remain that way until I say so, no touching… or even staring! I must never come in contact with trash, and it has to be taken out everytime I say so. I decide which programmes I prefer to watch, and that’s final. Everything must be done my way… or the highway, baby!

I do believe that Homer is trapped in a hellish nightmare created by none other than evil moi.. Muahahahahaha… For the guys, be happy that I’m NOT your wife.. and for the girls, pray that your other half is as tolerant as Homer.

On another, less self absorbed note, (yeah, rrrright .. ) I realized that prunes really do what they’re supposed to. I may have ingested too much prunes yesterday and therefore had to suffer the whole of last night. So my lesson of prunes while being preggers would be to eat no more than 10 a day.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What I did (eat) today.

Woke up, extremely annoyed with Homer for sleeping too close and breathing out his carbon monoxide on my face.

Peed, wash face and brushed my teeth, not particularly in that order.

Walked downstairs to the kitchen, poured milk into my bowl of cereal, had some orange juice and switched on the computer.

Replied to some work mails, made 2 piece of toast and slathered them with cream cheese spread. Finished it off with 2 glasses of apple juice.

Looked into the fridge and saw yesterday’s leftover roast beef sandwich, ate it. More juice.

Sent Homer to work, in silence as still very annoyed with him (for the carbon monoxide and ……. Argh!)

Made several phone calls, more work mails and read about the progress of my pregnancy. Think I am obsessed with all these pregnancy websites, must stop. Oohh! Just found a site that has yoga videos for preggers people.. woohoo!

Dang! I’m hungry again. Made more toast, spread the cream cheese, then remembered that I have two hard boiled egg in the fridge. Sliced them up, mix in some mayo and voila.. egg mayo sandwich. Washed it down with cold water.

I spy with my eye, something round and orange. Mandarin oranges, peeled them and had 2. (They’re oranges and therefore good for me, plus its rich with vitamin C, right?)

God almighty! I’m still hungry!


2 scoops of Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream sounds good.

One of the website says that I don’t have to eat for two, even though I am pregnant. I only need an extra 300 calories. Does the above add up to 300 calories? I t-
think so!

Arrrgghh... and it's only 2.30 pm...


Thursday, April 21, 2005

Doctor, doctor .. Where art thou?

Being abroad is tough, especially when you’re only 5 months into your new territory. Not knowing where to hang out, making new friends, yadda..yadda..

With my new condition, I am faced with a slight quandary, where can I find a good OB-GYN? Someone I can feel comfortable with, excellent communication with patients, using up to date technology, no previous malpractice suits, and most importantly, gentle when it comes to you-know-what….

In short, what I want is … dare I say it? A Vagina Whisperer…


I miss Dr. Alex


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

He made me cry!

I just bawled my eyes out over Oprah - The Live Strong, Lance Armstrong interview.

But this is NOT due to pregnancy emotional roller coaster ride, at least not entirely.

I AM AN EMOTIONAL person and my eyes turn into watery pools whenever I watch sad movies or the likes of that. I cry at weddings, and I remembered that sometimes when I am far away from Homer, I could call him up at godly hours and sobbed away, missing him.

But it could still be partly due to pregnancy.. I mean, I was making spinach and mushroom pastry (recipe courtesy from Lisa), listening to the interview and crying.. all at the same time!

The spinach pie turned out fantastic, considering that this is my first time EVER making a pie! And all that while sobbing for Lance Armstrong...



Homer just called to say that we're having dinner out, his ex-colleague from Tehran is in town.. Ah well, more pies for me!!


Friday, April 15, 2005

Was that the hormones?

It's only been 5 days since the "big" news but I can see so much changes in me already. I wonder whether I feel this way because I am pregnant or because I have read up too much stuff on pregnancy online.

I think I've been to too many websites on pregnancy.. I mean really, a lot, so much so that I have even stumbled on a website that showed a porn star's nude photo of herself a few days before her due date.. (. I am secretly hoping that I'll look as good as she does when I've packed up so much weight!)

Physically, I see no difference yet.. perhaps some tightening around the tummy area and my breast hurts like hell. I sleep way earlier than my normal time.. by 9.00 pm, and I am up and about(and surprisingly chirpy) by 7.30 am. This is so out of this world! I've NEVER been a morning person...

Mentally... woo hooo.. I have upped my "activities" exponentially. I know that Homer feels like all this is killing him softly.. pushing him away, yelling at him (more than usual), doing quadruple eye-roll with perfect landing (never knew I could do that!) ...

Yesterday, we went car window shopping to celebrate his passing of Dubai driving license. It has always been my dream to drive that big Landcruiser, so I was hopping on and off the 4WD .. then Homer pointed out that I won't be able to do much of the "hopping" in 4 months time.. Ooohh.. the whole showroom turned to ice with a single shot of my look.

Still sad with the fact that I may never have my Landsruiser, I kept quiet on the drive home. Was getting a little hungry so I was glad I packed some sandwiches in my bag. While opening the plastic zip container, I felt so overwhelmed with the fact that I actually packed sandwiches in my bag, that I bawled, "Oh no!! I am officially a bag lady .. I have everything I think I need in my bag!!!"

I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry ... was it the hormones or just plain reading way too much information. In any case.. one of the website pointed out that I have 32 more weeks to look forward to.. I wonder if Homer can "tahan" that long..


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

That little blue line

This is it, I am now at a junction in my life where a whole new bunch of challenges lies ahead. Peoples – I am with child, preggers, soon to be mommy.. whatever you want to call it, I AM PREGNANT!

We took the pee stick test about 5 days ago, and got a confusing result. A positive result should show a ‘+’ on one of the window, but mine just shows the straight top to bottom line without the horizontal line. Great, I thought, my life is needlessly complicated..haha!

I finally got a confirmation from a gynae at the London Dubai Clinic 2 days ago.

I am still stunned.

I broke the news to my family and close friends, who seems to be more excited than I am. And I wondered, what is wrong with me? Homer can’t wipe the smug smile off his face, and already beginning to annoy me with, “are you okay, sweetie?” every 10 minutes. Hmmph!

Just got a call from the gynae who confirmed my blood and urine test came back healthy, and so I should look forward to a healthy first tri-mester. Okay, so far so good..

According to the doctor, I am 8 weeks into my pregnancy, which means, I took my little bundle to see the ping pong show .. Aiyeee! Well, let’s just hope that it was still in its embryonic stage and was not be affected with what I saw .. eheheh.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Life ..

Since the beginning of time, the big ol' question is .. What is the meaning of life?

This is not an attempt to give a quick fix on what life is all about BUT, here's my take. Simply put - Life is a series of challenge, and the trick is to overcome each of the challenge that comes and see what other obstacle lies ahead.. and again tackle that challenge.

Put it this way - every morning, we face the challenge of starting the day, by way of dragging our butt off to the bathroom, shower and get ready. As a kid, the challenge is to get adults to understand you, and in order to do that, the kid has to learn to communicate, and learn to emulate the adults.

As a student, you need to overcome the academic year and get your degree, then you face the big bad world of "work". As a singleton, your hurdle is to find that perfect person. If you're married, then you're faced with the challenge of sharing your life with your other half.

If you find yourself without any challenge, then I can bet that you find yourself wondering what life is all about. Well, stop wondering and challenge yourself. It's weird, but life is NOT life when it is NOT complicated.

I'm up for a BIG.. HUGE challenge .. and I'm already taking it in stride, or am I?


Monday, April 04, 2005


Have you ever wondered how others see you?

What do people see when they look at me? Looking at how they almost always speak either Mandarin or Cantonese, I’m assuming that I must appear “chinese-ey”.. What with my “sepetness”. But when I look at my pictures and the mirror, I see nothing of such. But over the years I have come to accept my appearance. Although, if anyone ever catches a glimpse of my IC, I could seriously pass off as someone’s maid. It is and still one of my most horrible picture.

I wondered today, as I trained the class, how they saw me. Young (ish), loud voiced, cheerful, confident, ms-know-it-all (at least on the subject), travels a lot .. Wow! I sound really good. But the fact is, I’m tired and I really can’t wait to see the self acclaimed fatty Homer.


Saturday, April 02, 2005

The trainer in me..

Many of my friends think that I have a pretty easy going job, which I do and LOVE, but, when the time comes, I’ll be busy as a bee or the worker ant. I’ve been busting my ass talking to customers, telling people what should be done, spending time with my colleague and finding out what’s new at the head office.

And now it’s time for my trip to Singapore for a 3 day training. A big part of my job is actually to train people. There, I’ve said it. I am sort of a teacher, something I never imagined I will do. In fact I train people on how to …….. Well, I’ll leave it at that as I don’t think I want to divulge what exactly I do. For security reasons, I am sure you understand.

It’s going to be stressful and unnerving training in Singapore. The select few will ask very technical questions and I don’t quite like giving out too many technical information as it can get very boring and half the class would be nodding off to ZZ land. I can go ON and ON about light properties and angles etc, but that’s just not my style, you know??

Now, the two most important question is, what shall I wear and should I wear my hair up or down?