Friday, October 28, 2005

Milestone week..

I just came into my 35th week of pregnancy. Although my due date is 30th Nov, this time next week, i.e. at 36 weeks the baby is considered full term and therefore I can deliver anytime, and I am scared. I can no longer be the carefree L. It didn’t help that the Oprah show this morning was showing out of control kids.

Now I have to be “responsible L”, “disciplinarian L”, “mommy mode L”.

No more stupid questions like, “I find that I have to take a shower late in the evening before sleeping every night. Is that okay?”, to which my gynae smiled and said, “ .. erm, as opposed to showering once a month?”



Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I am Wonder Woman, sans the utility belt, cuffs, tiara and that gorgeous body.

Yesterday, I assembled the crib ALL BY MYSELF. Mind you, the crib did not come with any instructions, just the parts, bolts and screws.

Where’s Homer, you asked?

He has joined a cult.. I haven’t seen him since Saturday. Things will resume back to normal tomorrow when the money making course he’s attending finishes. This better be worth it ..


Friday, October 21, 2005

The gift

Last night, Mama Mido, Homer and I went to Super Lawyer Gal's place to collect some stuff that she's brought back from her London trip.

So today, Mama Mido will probably be parading around her new funky preggo outfits that we all ooh-ed and aah-ed over while I, am still recovering from Homer's antiques with my gift last night..

Homer may throw a fit seeing this entry, so first, I'd like to apologize and tell him that I STILL love him.. I received the gift last night and can't wait to see how it works, however I was warned by SLG that it is NOT a good idea to test it out when one has not delivered.

After reading the small pamphlet for the said item, I held it out and inspected the gift. And of course, I had this "itch" to give it a try. Afraid of SLG's warning I started testing it on my thunder thighs, and thought to myself, "hmm ...that's not too bad .. perhaps its because my gift is manual and not electric.." . By this time, curiosity got over Homer, who's been observing me and my new toy, and just like a big baby he took it away from me so he can play with it instead.


Curiosity killed the big cat.. or more precisely, his titties ...


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The First ..

Last night, I watched The First 50 dates for the fourth (or was it fifth?) time. I actually am NOT a big fan of Adam Sandler, but this movie is the only one that I could tolerate, in fact, loved.

I remember the first time seeing the film and asking Homer if he would make me fall for him everyday just like Henry from the movie would do for Lucy.

I may not have the Goldstein (or was it Goldfish) syndrom, but I know Homer keeps the fire burning in his own way. We all know it is hard work to keep it afloat, a little give and take goes a long way.

This morning, Homer gave his flu to me and took the new car to work. Aik? I thought the idea was that he gives and I take.. It must be the flu.. I really don't care!

Thanks, sweetie!


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Reality check.

I have been asked by my gynae to register for my pre-admissions, to get the paperwork of my impending labour done and out of the way. And I thought to myself, alright.. I don't want to be filling out forms as I come in screaming, huffing and puffing while my water breaking creating a puddle in the middle of the hospital's lobby.

So, as I was filling out my personal particulars on the second form, the receptionist pointed out that this particular form is for Bumpkin's registration, and that I should write "Mother" where the form asks for the relationship to person above.



Me... a mother.

Who have been "housing" Bumpkin for the past 8 months? Me
Who will Bumpkin come out from? Me
Who will Bumpkin turn to when she's hungry? Me.

The above and many more; are reasons why I will officially become a mother.



That's quite a jump from being a preggo lady.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Glory.. glory!

Homer and I have been kindly invited to a birthday slash buka puasa soiree yesterday and came back with our own potted plants (plus a bonus of one of the fabulous table centerpieces). I’ve been told that the plant is called morning glory, and since I’m neither a gardener nor a plant-friendly person, I’ll take their word for it. And all these while, I thought Morning Glory is the English word for kangkung (all thanks to Coca’s Steamboat restaurant veggie menu)

Of course Homer now is so gung-ho about his plant and has made it his life mission to nourish, water and nurse his little potty morning glory like his own little offspring. He claims this is one way of honing his fatherhood skills.

This morning, I saw him going to our kitchen window, sprinkling water on those little purple flower buds… *awwwwwwww*

Someone better tell him that taking care of Bumpkin may take a gazillion times more effort than the plant… and that I think my morning glory is looking a little bit better than his..


Wednesday, October 05, 2005


No bonus points for guessing who's not fasting today.

I actually thought of giving it a go, but I only lasted till 9 am. Perhaps I shall refrain from gossiping. Hmm, but that went down the drain when Super Lawyer Gal called 30 minutes ago.

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan!


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Shower of Gossip

The intended baby shower for Bumpkin morphed into gossip shower.

It’s no myth, and I’m not going to deny myself one of the many pleasures of being a woh-man. We “update” each other with the latest occurrences of each other’s life and/or other people’s. Homer would’ve given his right arm to be a fly on that wall. He won’t admit it, but he luurrvveess GNN (Girl’s News Network).

From the grapevine, I gathered that the our generation's mid life crisis arrives early.

Hey, what's life if it comes without challenges, right?

Thanks to Mama Mido for orgy-nising the girls, and everyone who came. Loved all the gifts!