Monday, August 29, 2005

Minding my P's

I certainly am not doing my share of water conservation here in the desert. I pee every waking half an hour and at least 3 times during sleep time.

Let see, say I sleep for 8 hours, that means I'm awake 16 hours, and if I use the bathroom every 30 minutes, that's like 32 trips to the toilet! And all the flushes of water... I really should be using our bathroom upstairs.. at least I'll be getting some exercise going up and down the stairs.

Homer just called to say that the car sale has been finalised and he is on the way to hand over the car to its new owner. I didn't even get to say good bye to Jaggie or have one last drive with her.... *sobs*


Friday, August 26, 2005

Attack of the Bumpkin

I am officially the punching bag for the baby.

I nearly peed all over the sofa, after receiving a strong blow on the bladder by none other than Bumpkin. It's amazing how a tiny person can cause so much trouble.. and she's not even out yet..

I wonder if babies in the tummies has some sort of manual to prepare them for the outside world. You know, how parents-to-be reads books like, "What to expect when you're expecting" .. Babies would have "What to expect when you're expected", which in my wild imagination, it is downloaded somewhat telepathically straight to their brains.

An example of one entry would be something like this..

....Your ears are fully developed, so you'll start to hear a lot of muffled sounds, especially the sound of your host's voice. Sometimes it may be really loud, experts believe that it may be due to the fact the host is not getting what she wants and feeling irritated with her partner. But not to worry, your host will eventually get her way and you'll be back to hearing her soothing voice...


Thursday, August 25, 2005


7 days to go in this desert cosmopolitan city before we pack up and say toodles and make our way back home to KL.

We haven’t been here long, well, less for me since I go in and out of the country so often. Still it’s going to be hard saying goodbyes to the people around us, especially to my “tai-tai” routine.

The packers are coming in 1st September.. hmm, more people for me to dictate.. I’ll have so much power that day! Normally, I’d only have Homer to boss around. Well one last hurrah for the queen.

We’re looking forward to do some big league shopping before we ship our stuff, but looks like it ain’t happening, thanks to our - let’s live our lives to the fullest in our temporary sand box. *sigh* Kiss buh-bye to Chanel bags and plasma TV (for Homer).

That’s the price we have to pay …. Something’s gotta give right? Ah well, it’s not like I am bag-less and that Homer is devoid of techie gadgets..


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My emancipation..

I have a confession. I have this thing with Mariah Carey. Yes, Mariah Carey. There’s just something about her, her songs .. yadda yadda. As usual, I do have issues with her, like how she carries herself and her overly dramatic sequence in her concerts. Giant teddy bears, skimpy nighties (huh?) plus, I don’t care for some of her albums but her latest single, We Belong Together, is haunting me. When I first heard it, I played it in the car (repeatedly) until I get all the words right. I believe Homer secretly can sing along to this song by now.

I think I can even sing the remix, yes the really fast one.. of course not EXACTLY like her, are you kidding me?? *sigh* If only I can carry a tune like her.

Oh.. Did you all notice how you don’t know whether she’s slim or overly curvaceous? I mean what is up with that?? Could it be the magic of airbrush?

I don’t know what is up with this entry.. first, I praise then I vent.. See, I told you I have this thing with Mariah Carey.


Monday, August 22, 2005

What did you stare at today?

I spent a good, half a day staring at my bump. At 25 weeks, Bumpkin’s movements are getting stronger, and my belly vibrates, shakes and does things I’ve never dreamt it could.

It is also more hairy (wtf??). Are the oils fuelling the growth of body hairs?? Or does the light massage encourage the hair to grow longer and stronger?

Come to think of it, the hair on my arms are getting darker too. God, I'm reversing Darwin's theory of evolution ..

Breast on tummy and more bodily hair .. So if I color myself orange ...

Should I check out if there's any opening at the Zoo?


Friday, August 19, 2005

Bring it on!

I realized that I’ve been writing about being pregnant too much and nothing on current going ons or stuff about life in general. I do wish I can but everyday, I am reminded that my life is about to change forever.

My life is now preparing itself to take a turn, gearing up for the next challenge.

I have an analogy on life – and now, I am preparing to face the rough seas with baby on board our small boat.

Can I keep this precious cargo dry? I can’t seem to keep it dry when brushing my teeth, bumpkin’s getting big and now rests closely to the sink.. getting all the water splashes.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mall rat.

Sometimes I scare myself with the amount of junk shopping I do. This is what happens when you stay in a place where sands and shops are in abundance. I do try to fill up my time with healthy activities, like yoga, spend more time working, I even stopped calling the maid service and did the house cleaning myself! (Bitchy or what????)

Still, you HAVE to get out .. And so I fell into the “scaling the mall” trap. Walking in and out of retail shops, trailing my hands on the never ending plastic hangers (wooden hangers when in classy boutiques..) where clothes I can’t really fit into hangs ever so delicately. And sometimes in moments of clumsiness, I would be the cause for the slinky items to cascade down to the floor.. Ah, well… in my condition, you wouldn’t expect me to bend and pick it up, right?? (Again… bitchy selfishness that’s allowed when you’re with child.. heheh)

Wonder what sales staff was thinking when they see me browsing through MNG and similar stores? Hey.. I can still carry off some of the outfits okay.. (Major bitchy-ness in denial..)

And to prove it, I bought a skirt from Forever 21 yesterday… (in large, of course)

-wearing-a-skirt-minimises-the-friction-of-thighs-in tight-pants-L

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

One piece or 2 piece?

This shopping for a swimming suit is tougher than I anticipated. Tried Mothercare, yikes! Horizontal stripes on a hippo look a like.. I don’t think so. I must have tried on 15 suits yesterday, and trust me, when you have a tummy and trying on swimming suits, its no fun in the sun (come to think of it, it’s no fun when you’re not pregnant either..heheh)

And the looks I get from the sales assistants….

Saw a picture of Britney Spears in a bikini and thought, do I dare? Can I get away with it? I think NOT.. especially when I get back to KL. I can see a little note on the condo’s notice board –

Baby hippo pool lap time, 8.30 am – 9.00 am*. Come and join the splash if you dare!

*Time may change according to hippo’s mood.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Hows' your boobies?

Don't complain about your Monday unless your boobs rests on your tummy.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen..

My boobs have now reached and settled on my tummy or Homer-afraid-to-tell-it-as-it-is likes to think of it as my tummy has grown and stretched itself outwards (and upwards) to help support the breasts.

Don't get me started on the nipples.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Shopaholic L

The past week, I wasn’t my usual self. Feeling a little bit depressed over various reasons; getting bigger, 3 inches of hair roots showing, the constant heat, high humidity, more hormonal changes, not so good news from home, Homer’s company’s indecisiveness over his transfer, pharaoh’s descendents kidnap attempt of Super Lawyer Gal.. yadda-yadda..

I was depressed to the point where I had stopped shopping.. Yes, to my bank account’s delight (and Homer), it managed to rest in inactive mode for a whole week!

But yesterday, with a single wonderful phone call, I’m cured. And jumpstarted el-visa-card. I drove to 2 malls on both sides of Dubai, and went crazy.

Since we still do not know what’s happening on the moving front, I postponed my short business trip back to KL. Which means that I’m going to miss my cousin’s wedding. Dang! It’ll be great to hear all the family gossips from all my makciks… and of course hear their comments on how BIG I’ve become (hey, that’s good news for me! Yay!).

Am bugging Homer to go for a short break instead. There’s a promotion going on for a desert resort not far from where we stay.. Bab-Al-Shams, it’s gonna be hot but I intend to stay in the pool, and make full use of the spa. A little support here people!!


Monday, August 08, 2005

Putting my best feet forward..

My relatively tiny feet.. that is.

God.. This picture reminds me of something ..

Go-dzzi-raaaaaaaaaa!!! (GODZILLAAAAAAAAA!!!).


Friday, August 05, 2005

Is it really Friday??

Apparently, the pharaoh’s descendents loves Super-Lawyer-Gal so much that they kept her on their plant tour a little too long and caused her to miss her all important flight to see me, buncit-L!

I was so looking forward to her short visit, getting her input on what we should get here, and most importantly which jeans I should get! Homer’s a great shopping partner, but nothing beats the opinion of formerly preggio person who knows which type of pants will fully accommodate the needs of a cranky, growing tummy woman.

Well, what to do… Homer will have to do for today.. (D’oh!)


Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time is ticking..

Things has been a little bit topsy turvy lately. Homer is concerned with his position here in Dubai and how there’s not much room for him to grow career wise. Meanwhile, I have a million things to do to ensure the success of a new venture here. Then comes the bomb – people back home wants Homer to come back and take up a new position, and typical for people in this company, we may have as little as 2 weeks to pack up and leave.

Alamak! My boss is going to kill me.. first I drop the news that I want to move to Dubai, then the preggios news and now, I may be leaving Dubai right smack in the middle of sensitive negotiations…

On one hand, I’m thrilled to be delivering the baby back home and having all the support I need from my family, friends and the makcik urut, but on the other hand, I’m kind of disappointed that I’ll be leaving my so called expatriate’s wives life and a handful of new friends here.

Packing will be hell.


I really have to stop whining.. after all, life’s been very good to me.

Tomorrow, Super-Lawyer-Gal might drop by, if she can cut her Cairo trip short. Can’t wait to goss till we drop.


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What does it mean??

Homer told me about his dream last night.

We are taking a family photo and Homer was carrying our baby. I was standing next to him. (No, he can’t recall who snapped the picture, maybe we used the free mini tripod that came with the “i-bought-something-for-the-baby-that-turned-out-to-be-a-camera-for-him”)

As we looked at how the photo turned out, the baby was double.. DOUBLE my size.

Possible interpretations..

1. I’m going to give birth to a 10 pound baby … yikes!
2. Homer is REALLY trying to justify his latest purchase as "something for the baby".

And my favorite interpretation for this dream

3. I’ll lose all the weight I’ve gained.. that’s why I turned out so small in the picture..