Monday, April 23, 2007

My name is L...

and I am a shopaholic.

About a month back, I told my friend that I haven't shopped for a long time, and she was shocked.. so was I. I told her, "yahhh.. I haven't bought anything for like a month! WOWser!". Shortly after that conversation, she called me up and said, "L.... you know in that bag where you put the bubble machine, I found a receipt from MNG totalling up to RM250 dated 2 weeks ago!! "

It struck me.. I've gone beyond shopaholism.. I'm now a shopaholic in denial. Seriously, I completely forgot about that particular buy.. How could I? I've even worn that dress! And really, I didn't mean to lie about it.. I've also realized that I have a shirt that is in it's paper bag, still nicely wrapped with sugar paper!

And yesterday, while helping soon to be the most important woman in Petronas (she will! she will!) find a glitterati outfit to perhaps the biggest wedding of the year, I found myself trying on stuff and buying a Pucci-look-a-like dress... in the first store we went to!

I need help.

But I can't cut up my credit card.. or my ATM card.. that's just crazy! And so I have a mission.. I'll get my friends to buy stuff... should really call Mrs Vice President and get her to buy funky clothes for her pregant self, found lots that can fit her at Innai and maybe Brave-Lawyer-Gal and Entrepreneurina, for new power outfits.

If I can't beat this... I'm taking everyone down with me!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Has it been that long?

Have you ever felt like you're living in the Twilight Zone? *cue music*

Well, I've been there and back.. hence the long silence.

All I know is this ..

... I no longer have privacy, even in the bathroom, my mini me will be there.... sometimes kissing my knee.. I love her to bits.. but really, this is becoming a bit ridiculous!

and oh, by the way.. I am sooooo tired, even with the last minute break away from KL, I am still spent. Was that only 2 weeks before? It seemed like ages ago that we were up at the highlands.. And I'm probably the only person who goes up there and came back with no flowers.

And now I'm entering another twilight zone.. but I will return, you can count on that!