Thursday, July 03, 2008

I finally did it!

For those who don't know, I love reading... I mean, lurrrvvvee reading.

I remembered how when I was a little girl, my dad bought a set of children's encyclopaedia, and I would read it from cover to cover. Literally. That was how I found out that 1,2,3.. is not the only way of characterising numbers. I recall asking my mum what does MCMXIIV stands for since I couldn't make sense of the spelling. I think she just shrugged it off and told me, "entah.. macam-macam? sebab buku tu ada macam-macam? shira-nai wa .. gomen-ne?".. Yes.. my mum's funny that way.

At one point, my dad actually raised his voice and said, "SUDAHHHH.. Jangan asyik nak baca je.. Tidur! And I took out the batteries from the torchlight! GO TO SLEEP".

By eight, I had moved on to the red encyclopaedia volumes.. I still remember the smell.

But eversince little Ni-Mu was born. I can't seem to really finish a book properly, or even magazines.. (okay, maybe I did finish some goss-trash mags). Everything's kind of blurry.. And I have to question myself everytime I looked at the bounded little treasure, what the heck was that book all about again? And untill today, I've never really finished The Secret. Maybe that's why I'm so lost. Yeah, rright..

Today is different. Somehow, I've reconnected mith my long lost passion. I finished, truly finished a book. I truly felt I was there, in the pages, angry, betrayed, happy, even suffocated at times, tasted and smelled everything, every word. Tears rolled many times over (I do hope by now, I'm a sensitive soul).

The book's been out since 2003, and has even been made into a movie, and the book's sequel is already out last year. I finished it just now. And no question, I loved it. And I can't imagine how the movie is like, eventhough I heard it's really good. Just how do you translate those wonderful collection of words on to a screen? But since Madam GM cried her eyes out watching it, I guess it did justice to the book. She's a real toughie, and she bawled her eyes out. Somewhere, a stewardess is telling a story on how she had to serve food to a woman with air mata meleleh..

The Kite Runner. Go read it if you haven't.


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I blinked and missed the light saber...

Let me tell you about the most expensive movie I've ever watched.

Drove all the way to the spotless island, braved the long Q at the customs checkpoint... all for a movie.. (okay, okay.. I did manage to squeeze in some quality family time with the birds...)

Sex and The City..

There we were, all dressed in our no nonsense mom-on-holiday bajus.. (meaning easy to pack and no frills shoes). No Manolo's, no fancy summer dress, no oversized clutch. Just me and Brave Lawyer Gal, giddily making our way to the movie theatre, leaving our kids to the mercy of their fathers...

We cried, we laughed, those witty lines...we oohed and aahed over the clothes, bags and shoes..

We drooled over Samantha's hot next door neighbour who always seems to be getting it on..

And I missed the big full frontal!
F**K.. f**kety F**K

And now, I can't wait to watch it again with my gal-pals... I don't care, this time I'll dress up, wear my pointiest heels.. and maybe, just maybe get a whole new outfit.. even if all the sex scenes are cut out, I'll still have those beautiful outfits splashed across the big screen.