Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Feelin' Lo..

I’m totally not prepared for the Kota Kinabalu trip, I know my bloody problems are miniscule compared to all the problems of the world but I can’t help reflecting on the fact I am not 100% all the time.. *sigh* . Someone, please, snap me out of this. I’m fretting over the fact that I can’t fit in my kain baju kurung, and that I don’t have the perfect sarong wrap to match my tops…

God Almighty! I AM SELFISH!!!

I seriously need to talk to someone about this..

Thank God I’m seeing Brave Lawyer Gal today.. She should be able to put head on straight.

Homer’s coming home today and the house is in a mess again.. Damn! I need to buy a giant box to stuff all the junk that has been lying around the place. Wish I could put my f*#king insecurities in a box too.


Friday, May 27, 2005

To burst or not to burst..

I truly think that Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood should consider starting a little somethin’-somethin’ . They look GREAT together… don’ cha think????

.. She’s a little bit country .. He’s little bit rock and roll ..

And with that, ladies and gentleman, I have officially morphed into one of those ladies that thinks they know whom other people should be with. A “real” makcik.

Speaking of being a makcik, I can’t believe it’s Friday again! Ever notice how time fly as we “mature”? Subby Hubby is taking me to a fancy dinner tonight and I still can’t decide what to wear. Seriously, I can’t fit in almost all of my fancy dresses, and I doubt wearing sweat pants and sports bra will go well with his fancy pinstripe suit..

There is something in the closet that might just work, I just need to make sure my “twins” will not burst the seams.. ooops!


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


And so... Homer has finally announced that he is taking a break. A break from blogging, that is. Between his additional responsilibities at work and coping with the 10 headed monsterina formerly know as his wife, I doubt that he has the energy and time to be “Homer”.

For those who will miss him (there’s quite a few, I tell ya), I’d still be writing stuff about him, his mishaps/mistakes/etc. And freely too.. he can't bash me back!

On other news, we’re entering the “busy” period.. busy celebrating birthdays (and anniversaries). It all began with Homer’s birthday, which is just last week! He can be such a baby .. Whining on how I didn’t call him first thing in the morning. For goodness sake, I sang Happy Birthday to him at the stroke of midnight, on the eve of his birthday!!! *sigh* Let’s just hope he’ll pull himself together when the baby arrives…

The following weeks will be followed with all the Gemini girls.. We’ll be celebrating birthdays left and right. Brave Lawyer Gal just turned 31, and so will Super Lawyer Gal… And then it will be .. mine… Aieeeee!!!!!

Thirty One .. Ah yes.. That time when you realize that all your beauty products have either the word “anti aging”, “anti wrinkle” .. “anti anything”. I’ll keep you updated on which cream works..


Friday, May 20, 2005

3 months!

Apparently I am 12 weeks pregnant, not 14 weeks as calculated by the doctor in Dubai. That made more sense.. heheh, if you know what I mean..

It's been very educational, so far I have learned that-

1. I MUST take a nap in the afternoon.

2. I cannot stomach seafood .. *ugh*.. strange indeedy.

3. My face requires mostuirisation 24/7 .. at night, before sleeping, I resemble those girls with white masks on those facial mask ads, but instead of a mask, it is actually layers and layers of night cream.

4. If like me, you suffer from morning sickness (in my case it is actually night sickness), and cannot hold anything down. Refrain from eating spaghetti. Regurgitating spaghetti is hell.. Just trust me on this.

5. During the early stages of pregnancy, known as the first tri-mester (the first 3 months), you do not "look" pregnant yet, so brace yourself with comments like, "eh, you look a little fat" or "nampak berisi....". grrr..


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What happened to the list?

I had a list of things to do while I am back in KL, let’s see how that went:

. eat jambu batu / jambu air with assam boi powder
-done, but it wasn’t as satisfying as I imagined it to be. Dang!

. go to suzi’s corner and order Maggie goreng (not too dry with cut cili api)
-yum yums, what can I say… perfecto!

. meet up with my friends and goss my brains out
-ooo… yessss, plenty of gossip. But sorry guys, my lips are sealed, you never know who’s reading the blog .. MUAHAHAHAHA!

. hang out at Chinoz with Subby Hubby and bitch ..
-not yet, cos Subby Hubby has been soo busy…

. catch up with outlaws gossip with my biras
-apparently MOLly is looking forward to staying with us when I give birth.. Nooo, I want my mummy!!!!

. go for a facial
-face is still dry after facial… behave oh hormones… pretty please???

. get my mum to cook anything and everything..*drooollllss*
-feeling guilty as hell to ask her cook anything for dinner as it eventually comes out just before I sleep..

. round up the usual suspects and eat cakes at Alexis
-the usual suspects are apparently tied up with some impossible mission as I have yet to do any cake eating at Alexis..

. eat roti canai near Entrepreneurina’s office with fish curry
-the roti canai people went back to India, so we went to Raju’s instead.

. stock up on low heel shoes, watch out Vincci!
-dissapointed as there was nothing.. and I mean nothing for me… WHY????

. have my hair restyled by Super Stylist
-I have this cronic tiredness after lunch.. so I never got around to see him.. Zzzzzz

. stock up on dvd’s
-none. Again, I blame it on the new cronic feeling I get

. have the nasi lemak at Kg. Bharu with everything on!
-hmmm, maybe I can do that tonight…. Subby Hubby, howabourit?

. go for a mani and pedi.. aahhh..
-my toes are sooooo pretty. *happy sigh*

. go for long lunches with anyone available
-everyone apparently has lots of work .. go figure.

. order the banana fritters with ice cream at Mdm Kwan’s
-if only I can make my way there early enough so that I don’t have to queue…


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Possible reasons why ..

.. I’m soooo “gas”sy today

1. Ate too much roti canai with fish curry at Raju’s
2. That damn cheese sandwich I ate for tea.
3. Fell asleep with mouth open, and may have inhaled then swallowed too much air..

Most likely reason ..

I AM carrying Homer’s child….

-airing-the room-L

Friday, May 13, 2005

Do you cry at the movies?

As I’ve mentioned in one of my earlier entries, I am a pretty sensitive gal – the kind that cries at weddings, sad movies, you get the drift. But, last night, was the first time EVER that I cried after seeing a man’s naked torso…

(hushed tones – in the movie theatre)

L & Entrepreunerina: OMGosh .. He’s gorgeous!!!*gasp*


Subby Hubby: Shhhhh….

Entrepreunerina: He’s so beautiful, I’m actually crying..

L: me too…


On hindsight, I’m pregnant and hormonal… what’s her excuse???? Shedding tears over a well sculpted chest and abs .. What the hell? It was a comedy for goodness sake!


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Knock, knock..

Who’s there?
L who?

This is exactly how I felt when my parents were in Dubai. They were all gooey-nice to Homer, thanking him for his time, taking them around Dubai and stuff… *sigh* Helloooo??? I was there too, I planned the whole itinerary for their trip, where’s the pats on MY back???

Okay I won’t dwell on that, let’s move on to the fact that I’m baaacckkkkkkk! Back in my very dusty apartment. Now, the question is, anybody has a number for a very good house cleaner?


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My dad, my boss.

My Dad cracks me up.

I know deep inside he loves me, after all I'm his only "little girl" but we were brought up the ol' skool way. You know, the old saying, " Sayang anak tangan-tangan kan, sayang isteri tinggal-tinggal kan". Growing up I was taught to fear him, when he says no, it really means NO. When I was little, he used to take me out for local football matches and the parks, this is back when I was the obedient little L. But then I started making friends, and grow up into a monsterina, the disciplinarian stepped in.

I hated that gut wrenching feeling when I thought that the whole world was against me, especially my dad. Then, when I was in boarding school, I realized that in his own way, he loved me. In the 5 years I was there, he never missed a weekend, he'd come in on Saturday (to pick up laundry, send food.. heheh) and again on Sunday (to drop off laundry and more food..). Even when the car broke down, he'd take the cab, even borrowed his friend's car. That's love.

He did the same thing for all of us.

Years passed, and I believe his brand of tough love worked out for us. But one thing never changed, his no nonsense, business like style of communicado. I received an email from him last night, and it made me laugh out loud.

From: Papa
Re: Request for brunch

L**, Papa heard from Mami that she cancelled your proposal to have Brunch at the Famous Hotel (Yacht ).Kindly make an arrangement so that we can have the Brunch or whatsoever at the Hotel. I told her that this is an opportunity not to be missed.

On top of being his little girl, I am also his PA ..


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

7 days and counting..

When I get back to KL, I want to –

. eat jambu batu / jambu air with assam boi powder

. go to suzi’s corner and order Maggie goreng ("basah" with lots of cut cili api)

. meet up with my friends and goss my brains out

. hang out at Chinoz with Subby Hubby and bitch ..

. catch up with outlaws gossip with my biras, heheheh

. catch the latest family goss from Sing Sing Gal

. go for a facial

. get my mum to cook anything and everything..*drooollllss*

. round up the usual suspects and eat cakes at Alexis

. eat roti canai near Entrepreneurina’s office

. stock up on low heel shoes, watch out Vincci!

. have my hair restyled by Super Stylist

. stock up on dvd’s

. have the nasi lemak at Kg. Bharu with everything on!

. go for mani and pedi.. aahhh..

. go for long lunches with anyone available

. order the banana fritters with ice cream at Mdm Kwan’s

soon.. L.. soon..