Monday, August 28, 2006

I hate the haze.

Last night, I could see clearly KL's skyline.. It's been a while since I saw my beautiful city in all its splendour and its beautiful lights. This morning, it is still clear.. and I gave a silent pray that the haze has finally made its way out of the system.

I mean, the view from my place is not fantastic or anything, I can see the ongoing construction of a new highway, the low cost flats nearby and the monstrous development sprouting a few kilometres away. But at least, I can see them and take them all in as part of my surroundings.. Seeing things clearly means I won't step on shit and drag them everywhere unknowingly, spreading the stench.. Not that the haze was that bad that I can't see the pile of shit.. but you guys know what I mean..

Even when things are not as picturesque as we'd want it to be .. I'm sure everyone is glad that the haze is gone right? It even makes me want to thank last Friday's flashfloods cos it means washing away the haze..

This entry is mundane, just like my morning.. but I just needed to get it out..


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


And so with one proclamation, the little girl is someone's wife.. with that single action, she's now a "Datin". She looks so happy. I pray that she will not be forsaken by her man, and wish her all the happiness that she has long dreamed of.

As she slips the ring on to the groom's finger, I can't help but see the tell-tale mark of the previous band. And I thought to myself, he used to build his life with another, he promised to be true to her, but it was over. I wondered how she's taking all this, and wished her all my best as she begins her new life.

Love is truly blind, to quote a song, "'s like chocolate cake, like cigarette.. I know they're bad.. but I just can't get enough...".

I can't really say that I know the little girl well, but by association, I know her ups and downs and in a certain way, I feel close to her. She certainly always makes me feel good about myself and even with her stature, she'd still come up and say hello to me in the open air car park while I was walking back to my car.

She's so optimistic about everything, and in the rush of having our pictures taken, she said, "welcome to the club..!" .. I corrected her and said, "..No, you, welcome to the club.. It's not easy you know..." To which she replied in her giggling girlish manner, " tau..."

Many happy returns, and semoga bahagia hingga ke anak cucu..


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bad day? Have a drink..

A couple of days ago, Subby Hubby was having a bad day, and he really needed a break so I invited him to come over to our place. At around 6.30 he called to say that his car wouldn't start, apparently he left his headlights on. Homer went to save him while waiting for the service guy to come with the new car battery.

An hour later the guy called to say that he's already on Jln Ampang so we all towed little Ni-Mu into the car (since she's still wide awake) and made our way back to where his car was. We thought his woes would come to an end, but lo and behold, the service guy called to say that he had a flat tyre and so he had to wait longer.. Bad karma or what??

When the guy finally came (there were other issues.. believe it or not..), we left so we could have our dinner. Subby Hubs then came back to our place for some finger licking good chicken.. (What? You all thought I'd cook?? ..), and after gobbling down the chicken he looked at us with a huge grin and said,"Guess what was the service guy's name.."

Tom Yum! (This is real, I've seen his business card)

Nope. It's similar to your favorite drink..

Huh? Diet Coke?

Close. You guys ready? His name is Pepsi... Pepsi Chin. Here's his card..

*imagine all three of us laughing while we peeked at the card.

Okay, It was very mean of us to laugh at someone's name, but we just couldn't help it..

From now on, when subby hubby has a bad day, I'll tell him to have a Pepsi...


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What's new pussycat?

I've just been reminded by Subby Hubby on the lack of updates on the blog, and I have to admit that time haven't been on my side. Although, I can still find time to buy lingeries from La Senza (meeoooww), 2 pairs of shoes and more clothes since my Bandung trip. My credit card has never been more exhausted!

So, PGL the musical is back, and this time around I was determined to go (missed the last one), I was dropping hints big time and Homer came through.. hurrah! He listens after all.. We saw it last Sunday night and I'm proud to say that the artsy-fartsy-pants in us is still alive and kicking.

My favorite scene has to be when Sultan Ahmad came out singing how great it is to be King. Note to self, must ask Pat whether Sultan Ahmad has a penchant for Michael Jackson.. From where we were, it looked like the King of Pop himself was dancing on the stage.. Anyway, judge me all you want, while everyone was going ga-ga over Stephen Rahman Hughes.. I thought the King was great.. Adlin Ramlie, that is.. Hang Tuah has never been really top of my like many other female population out there.. the bad boy thing is just so hard to resist..

I can't really say much on the male population.. I suppose they're also intrigued by dangerous women.. so the Puteri would be a great combo "lemah-lembut", looks to match, mystical powers and to top it all off, she wears a bustier all the time! (ala pussy cat dolls but with sarong instead of hot pants..)

Dang.. I should go back to La Senza and get those bustiers with matching garters... hmm