Monday, November 12, 2007

Keeping Fit.. My way

- Run around the house, chasing a naked little girl who has managed to take off her pyjamas and diapers, all by herself.

- Put dirty clothes in the washer, while keeping an eye on naked chick.

- Fight off a clingy naked toddler while trying to find the used diaper that is nowhere in sight.

- Play "aeroplane" and then using your legs as a platform, re-enact plane taking off and landing down, still with the naked girl, while lying on your back... (okay, it's difficult to explain, but trust me, it does wonders to thigh and stomach muscles)

- Bending over many times to check whether there's been any "accidents". This is done while the naked toddler is clawing and screaming her head off. I never knew I was that flexible.

- Hang laundry to dry, while keeping an eye on the still naked chick.

- Some stretching exercise is squeezed in during bath time, cleaning a toddler is no easy task.

- Eat a simple lunch which consists of boiled broccoli and some rice, which is all the little girl wants to eat for now.