Monday, April 24, 2006

Splishin' and a splashin'

I had to go to Penang over the weekend and we decided to make a holiday out of it. Little Ni-Mu travels great in the car, except for the occasional tantrum wanting to get out of her car seat and being a little bit "jakun" when breastfed at the back seat. I swear, the guy parked next to us at the rest stop probably think I was flashing him ... I'm sure I made his day... they ARE nice-ish.

Believe it or not we didn't get to really spend that much time together, I ended up having to do more work than expected, but we managed to eat that excellent goreng pisang from Tanjung Bungah.. crispy outside and soft inside plus, we got ourselves to Waterworld and had my siput judi (or was it judy? .. it's one of those really spiky siput).

But the best thing was we got upgraded, thanks to Homer's crankiness and non-stop calls to the hotel's front desk, and got ourselves a nice big jacuzzi tub in our bathroom!

There we all were.. The "Michelin" family.. It was hillarious, Homer kept telling Ni-Mu not to look directly at you-know-what, while she looks on at the two of us like we've gone mad or something. And so after Homer got over the trauma being nude with his little girl, we all sat ( and perhaps frolicked around ) in the tub with Ni-Mu happily splashing away between the two of us. Bliss...

A family that bathes together stays together, right??


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

That damn ad!

I have a confession. My hair is falling out.. yessirreeee.. I no longer want to wash my own hair cos everytime I do, I fear that our shower drain may clog up and bath water would flood the whole apartment. It IS that bad. And so, I've resorted to going to hair salons and clog up their drain.

It doesn't help that I keep seeing this ad on how to know whether your hair is damaged or dry. The thing that bothers me about the ad is this - the dang experiment says that if you cut your hair and drop it in a glass of water and oil, you'll find out the condition of the hair. If it stays in the oil layer, then your hair is dry and if your hair drops down to the water bit then your hair is damaged.

The thing is, there's just 2 outcome isn't it? Either the hair will stay in the oil bit or the water part.. so either way your hair is screwed. What the f*#k??

O' thy beautiful locks with blonde streaks .. keep up your strength, this too shall pass....