Friday, February 23, 2007

That black guy..

Whilst Brave Lawyer Gal's predicament for the day is the fact her milk supply has seriously depleted itself, mine was more of a superficial one.

Have you all been following American Idol? Did you happen to catch the audition rounds where a young black man with Calvin Klein's underwear model looks (with voice to match.. ), which I was so sure will be on top 12.. was not even in the top 24.. Does anyone else, other than my cousin remember this guy? He's like really young and is adopted by a Cuban family or something like that..

He's just so beautiful, I can cry.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not just Wednesday

I woke up with a kiss on the cheek.

Then he walked to the other room.

I got up and sat on my ordinary throne. No warm seat, no water fountain sprays.. no dryer.

Crawled back into bed.

The lights came on. Homer and Ni-Mu holding a paper bag.

"Happy Valentines's Day!"

Happy. Happy.. Happy..

I've been a mean grouch (with reasons..) lately.. I'm sorry Homer.. And of course, I am your Valentine.


Monday, February 12, 2007

The throne..

So, I was in Taiwan last week to see my boss, introduce clients.. yadda..yadda.. It's nice to start travelling again.. and at the risk of sounding utterly selfish, be away from my usual routine. I'm sure all mothers understand this, even if it is just for work.

Taipei 101 was impressive.. although I think our Twin Towers looks so much more magnificent.. (Malaysia Boleh!).. but the one thing that really made the mark for me
during this trip was "the throne" .. Yup.. the shiny white porcelain bowl and it's magical fountain.....

Warm air dryer.... !!! and oscillating function...

Needless to say, I enjoyed every moment on it... plus heated seat...


Friday, February 02, 2007

The dating game.

Don't you just love a public holiday in the middle of the week? And the best thing is that today is Friday!

Okay... I can't hold it in.. I'll just spill..

I . Had . A . Date . Yesterday .

Yep. Burnt out mom was finally asked out by this guy who probably thought to himself, "If I don't ask her out.. someone else will .. "

We nearly missed the movie because of my circumstance.. you know, dropping off Ni-Mu.. etc, but we had a great time.. the movie was a little violent for my taste, but, definitely something worth seeing since my whole work industry had mixed feelings when it was released in the US... plus, Leo diCaprio is just so yummy with his South African accent!

It's just been so long and I just loved the attention.. right up until we had to to the toilet after the movie.

He was smiling at me as I walked out of the corridor. And I caught a glimpse of us on the glass panels of some clothing shop.. We look great together .. Eventhough I was a tad bit overdressed (or was it "underdressed"..?) ..

God.. it was so good peeing just now.. and at the same time.. I farted too... hahahahaha.. best giler!

My date was officially over. Homer's back. I don't know whether I should cry or kiss him... I guess he was just being honest to me .. well, as long as he keeps it up.. there will be no end to weird dates for me..

And true to himself, he spilled coke all over my food and dress during lunch.