Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bandung ..

Not to be confused with "Air Bandung" or "Mee Bandung".. which you'll never find in this quaint city. Although I can't really say much about bandung except the fact that it is dotted with factory outlet stores.. and I mean .. seriously dotted! After all, we really did spend much of our waking hours scouring the "F.O's" pronounced 'Eff-Oh' by the locals.

Didn't do much of sightseeing.. but that was never part of the agenda anyways. All I can say is that.. it was a great trip for the gals and would've been hell for the hubsters...

Ni-Mu's Stuff - 600,000.00 rupiah
L's obsession - 500,000.00 rupiah
Homer's stuff - 200,000.00 rupiah
Beautification of L - 350,000.00 rupiah
Souvenirs (which consist of more clothes or kain) - 400,000.00 rupiah

The look on the bell boy's face as he loaded our shopping bags onto the hotels cart as it stumbled out of our rented car at the end of each day - Priceless!

Friday, July 21, 2006

The bone picker story..

So here's how the story goes, I rsvp'd for a function and managed to get my mom to baby sit little ni-mu for tonight. The obvious choice for a partner would be Homer.. and here I thought, "hmm.. perhaps a little walkabout and cosy dinner afterwards..". It would be nice to just attend a launch for something that we can't afford to buy (yet.. hopefully) .. get dolled up, watching people.. etc.

But instead, Subby Hubby will be accompanying little ol' me. Apparently, Homer said he'd feel uncomfortable. As I recall, the last time when we went into a posh boutique, he was the one who tried on all the watches.... I think its obvious that he doesn't want to be seen with ME.. his short, non-flat stomach wife.

But hey.. I can't complain.. Subby Hubby is VERY good looking.. and we can snicker and laugh the whole night long..


Thursday, July 13, 2006


Things haven't been so good lately, first I got sick, then there was that nasty diarrhea after eating undercooked cockles at Penang Village, and again last night my temperature shot up. With everything else going on in my life, work or otherwise, I just feel so helpless .. you know.. like why bother keeping up when you end up drowning in a heap of mess.

For once in my life, I really don't care what happens, I've been trying and working and talking and giving in. I felt as if I'm running in a circle, even when I tried to do something differently, I'm the one who gets the brunt of it. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

But then, that's life.. I've just been faced with setbacks. A little bit bruised, as they say. The time will come when they will appreciate me and know what I had to go through in trying to make things work.

Sometimes I wonder if whatever I did was wrong.. or whether it affects other people, but then I reminded myself that no one else will protect me like I can.

On a more cheerful front; me and the girls are going on an all girls trip to Bandung for a little S&R (shopping and relaxxxx .. mmmm) .. So Bandung people .. the question is.. are you ready for us???


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Her name rhymes with Tiara..

Little Ni-Mu is crazy funny.

This morning while I was checking my work mails, I put her down on the orange mat near me, with her noisy toy piano. I finally got used to replying mails while listening to the various unfinished nursery rhymes (obviously, she smacks on the toy that it keeps changing its tune..), when suddenly all is quiet.

As I turned my head, I saw my little precious taking the edge of the mat, munching away happily. She looked as if she's eating a giant orange..and gurgled,"mum-mum?"

I felt like showering her with oranges.. (but then realized that I could be jailed for endangering a child's life...)

As the world steadily goes on in its chaotic manner.. I am blessed to have someone who can make me smile with just a bat of her eyes.


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Again on life..

Life is playing tricks on me.. sometimes it feels like time had stood still, sometimes it leaves me behind, empty handed.. eating dust, but the one thing I hate most, is when it moves ever so slowly as you eagerly wait what's next for you..

I've been waiting.. and waiting.. sometimes patiently, most of the time not quite .. for something I can't quite describe but I know it'll make my life complete.. You know what I mean? And so, its true that life is a journey and as you pass by each junction, you pick up pieces that hopefully fits in this jigsaw puzzle we call life.

Wishing that the piece I picked up today will guide me through.