Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chronicles of..


7.30 am - Wails then sinks mouth on boobies
8.30 am - Have face and bum-bum washed and cleaned by yours truly
8.45 am - Watch mumsy make a fool out of herself, trying to keep little NiMu entertained
9.15 am - Short walk with Ba-ba (the ever obliging Obaa-san, aka grandma)
9.30 am - Nap
11.00 am - Wails while having nappy changed
11.15 am - Yummy Boobies
12.00 pm - Nap
3 pm - Wailed
3.15 pm Nappy change and more yummy boobies
4 pm - Play time, with a limit of 6 minutes per activity..
4.45 pm - In the stroller
5.00 pm - I'm too tired entertain her.. where's her uncle and daddy????
5.30 pm - Just stick the boobies in.. maybe she'll fall asleep .. (yeahhhh rright)
6.00 pm - Bath time.. and peed all over my pants.. *sigh*
6.30 pm - Maybe some more milk.. Gosh .. cepat la tidooo
7.30 pm - Passed the baton over to Homer-dad
8.00 pm - wailed and pooped
8.30 pm - Sleep.. finally
11.00 pm - Wails while eyes still closed and nappy change
11.05 pm - Sinks mouth onto boobies
12.00 am - Sleep
3.30 am - More milk
4.30 am - More Sleep
7.30 am - ... And the cycle begins again

* Fussines, crying, wailing and pooping has been kept to a minimum in this report so as NOT to SCARE future parents.


Monday, December 19, 2005

I need to

- have my hair washed and blown by Keith
- desperately do my nails
- go lunching with my girlfriends
- buy something new... bags, shoes, clothes.. anything!
- get back in shape

Today is jual ikan - day... feeling a tad selfish today

Perhaps ordering in MacDonalds' will make it all go away.


Friday, December 02, 2005


Things I’ve learned so farr..

- Having a C-section does not make you a 2nd class mother and don’t let anyone get you down on this. Try breastfeeding a squirming (and after a while.. crying..) baby while lying down on your side after 7 layers of your tummy has been cut open, then prodded pushed and pulled apart.

- Breastfeeding is PAINFUL. The baby shall now be called little NI-MU (NIpple MUtilatorrrr)

- Ni-Mu (formerly know as Bumpkin) looks so much like that baby in Ice Age.. just not as easy to entertain.. Does this mean I’m the Sloth cos Homer is definitely the Mammoth? ..heheh

- Walking with dignity is impossible the first couple of days .. and possibly for the rest of the week. Don't bother packing nice outfits for coming home.

- The 1st woman in the breastfeeding video looks a lot like Uma Thurman and the 2nd resembles Janet Jackson. This little information entertained me during the breastfeeding class… Should have paid more attention.. my poor breasts..

- Don’t bother looking at yourself in the mirror after giving birth. You’ll still look pregnant.. to be precise.. you look 5-6 months pregnant. Keep your focus on the miracle that has came out of it.

- The only thing that will cheer you up is getting the baby latch on to your boobies correctly and having her fill till she falls asleep. Having your hair professionally blown may come to a close second.. That’s my hunch at least, cos I never did get the chance to have it nicely blown..

..uh-oh, Ni-Mu beckons.. be still my nipples..