Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And how was your weekend?

Apart from the faulty sound system, the concert was GGRREEEAAATTT. They just bring back old memories when life was less complicated.. And the whole trip up to Genting was like a walk down memory lane. I'm talking about walking through the foggy wet and (surprisingly!) chilly weather, it's like I'm transported back to the good ol' days at uni, walking through Vicky Park getting to yet another lecture on European Political History.

What a weekend!

And then came Monday.. blearghhhh! Talk about killjoy.

My ever fickle client drove me nuts asking me why a certain shipment has not arrived and wanted me to do something about it. I am not the Custom's General's crony, nor do I know anybody in KLIA customs. And after having a big bru-ha-ha with one Fedex officer, my client told me that they've decided to just wait for the shipment arrive the next day! What the f*#k??!!?

I've always been very accomodating to them .. why do they have to harrass me like this?

On the homefront, Ni-Mu has learned a new word.. "go.." . She would reach for my bag, loop it through her arms (ala datin), walk to the door, and say, "..go! ...go!". As in, "let's go!". So now, I have included in her daily schedule, a short walk to the pool and back. Which translates to more frizz to my hair. I know.. I know.. I'm way too obsessed with my hair..

All I can say is, unless you've walked a mile in my shoes (or don my hairstyle), you'll never know how overwhelming all this can be. Homer always say I complain way too much, but for me it's not complaining.. it's telling people how I feel and maybe, just maybe, I'd get some compassion. I know my situation is nothing compared to those who have lost their homes in the recent floods..

but I'm just saying.. I am here, and I am talking to you... Indulge me a little.. We all go through phases.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Up, up and awaaayyyy

I'm making a trip up to Genting tomorrow.. (or more fondly known to my fellow Singaporeans as "J"enting). Gambling with this old girl's ability to lip sync with Boyz II Men, pretending I can still remember the words to their songs. Wooohooooooooooo..

I know to some of you think it's just a lame old group.. but this band of men, was THERE for me.. And as much as I hate to admit it.. when I'm feeling sad and any of their songs comes up, tears can just roll.. Yes, I'm sappy and can cry my heart out. Sue me. I dare ya.

I love you you Durs, for thinking of me when you had that spare ticket.. and I love you Elaine, for loving your sister in law!


Monday, January 22, 2007


As I took a breather by our drying area, I heard a resounding, "YES! YES!". Myyyy... someone's doing it right, I thought .. Then I heard some illegible gurgles.. and more loud YESses.. hehe .. and to think I thought our apartment block is filled with unadventurous people..


Babies have an innate ability to press the remote control. The TV volume was at its loudest, in fact it said 100! For those who has never had the opportunity to watch PHDC (that's Playhouse Disney Channel), you should know that there's a lot YESses on the program.. I suppose it's meant to instill positive reinforcement..


Well, at least our neighbours would think that we are adventurous and making out like rabbits..


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dr. House in the house!

Why does everyone look so great at the Golden Globes?
Because they get complimentary colonic irrigation prior to the event.

Okay, I'm just assuming the above, only because my hero, Hugh Laurie mentioned it in his acceptance speech. I don't know why, but I'm just drawn to English humour. Witty, intelligent and just brilliant! (Gosh, as I'm writing this, I'm even thinking with an English accent .. melampau or what?)

I'm loving House so much right now that I wouldn't mind him breaking down my multi layered personality and hear his interpretations of my cluttered life.

.. so is there anywhere for me to get this colonic irrigation that everyone's talking about? .. and HOW does this thing actually work? does the pipe goes to where I think it goes?


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holy Pants!

Still in the mood of ushering in the new year, I've decided to cleanse anything and everything my capricious mind decides to focus on at that particular moment. Being born in to the sign of Gemini .. (yes, the twin thing) I have to admit I have a rather disturbing dual.. even multiple personalities. With that said, if anything does happen to Homer, I blame it on one of my "darker" personality.

And so last night, I decided to venture into one of the many drawers in our wardrobe. It is aptly called "BIG SCARY UNDIES" .. these truly are big scary undies.. brings a whole new understanding on the word "underPANTS", they are so big, they are in fact .. PANTS! It doesn't stop at just the size of the garments.. the horror of its colour is just enough to send yours truly to fashion house of shame. You know what I mean.. pale blue, pale peach (yuck!) .. I'm even too embarassed and a little bit nauseous to continue..

But in my defense, those were bought in the period of el-preggo, and post partum.. where I was taken hostage by the abominable snowqueen, and ordered Homer to go to Carrefoure and get "cheap-big-ass-cotton-underwear-so-I-can-just-throw-them-out!". A year on, there I was thinking to myself.. I actually fit in those???

And so while I threw them into a trash bag, I felt a sense of relief.. my underPANTS are gone.. Then I heard someone groaning in frustration.. none other than my little pitter-patter Ni-Mu..

Great! In my fervor of getting rid of big scary underpants, one had managed to find its way on to her hands. Her head has gone through one of the leg openings of big-ass-undies, she was screaming her head off and was determined to take it out herself. I don't blame her, blue is definitely not her colour.

I should really start baby-proofing the apartment.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


Curly locks looks amazing on my avatar picture but somehow did not have the same effect on the real me.. I know.. it IS a computer animation representation of one self.. I mean, where else can you see me with a smoking-hot-cellulite & stretch-mark-free smoking body in bloody lime green bikini?

I am seriously having second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth, gazzillion-th) thoughts on my new 'do. Argh! Where's frizz-ease when you need one?


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Just another day..

As I write this entry, I have that damn Jon Secada's song in my head.. you know.. that dang "lentok" song. But this entry has nothing to do with with the song.. It had everything to do with how we marked the new year.

Last year, I remembered being very tired and vaguely hearing the booms of the fireworks while I trying to sleep, and hoping that Ni-Mu won't wake up. 2006, what a year.. vivid moments, some good, some bad and some really ugly. And now it has packed itself and made way for the new year. 2007 is here, I have big plans... but just as the year started.. I'm feeling so exhausted.. I ushered the new year fighting my sleep.. just like any other day.. how can I carry on my big plans feeling so lethargic with life?

So what did I do? Like any other girls.. I went to see my stylist, having a specific look for 2007 (layered bob, loose the highlights and options for a darker look).. I came out with the ultimate messy poodle look. I'm still getting used to the new me.. sometimes I love it.. sometimes I hate it. Change can be difficult.. but with so many things changing all around me, I'll be taking it in my stride..

Viva la rocker chick hair... Viva la 2007... Viva L!