Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hey, look.. it's me

Tonight, I smiled, laughed and cried. And in truth, it felt wonderful .. for that 150 minutes or so, my old self resurfaced. That person who had no care in the world.. enjoying herself, alone in her little apartment.

As I tucked the DVD back to its sleeve, I realized how much my life has changed. But I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that little part of me is still within and could somehow show herself as she listens to her little precious peacefully dreaming the night away through the baby monitor.

It's true that life can never be perfect, but at least, there are perfect moments. Let's not ever forget that.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What goes on in this head of mine..

While people are humming and singing to themselves the latest hits like; Hips Don't Lie .. I have permanently in my head a humdinger from one the shows on Playhouse Disney channel.

My name is Shanna.. It rhymes with banana..
And this my friend, is Shaaannnnaaaa's Shoo--ooow!

Although, I'd have the lyrics changed to entertain little Ni-Mu, and it goes something like this

My name is Naiara.. It rhymes with tiara..
And this my friend, is Iaraaaaaa's Shoo--ooow!

And now, I'm obsessed in finding things that rhymes with people's names.

Sad, I know.. but Subby Hubby and I had lots of fun thinking up of things that'll rhyme with his name, sadly we could only come up with "Loofah". Poor guy.. well, at least that's much better than what rhymes with yours truly.. "Cheese"..


Thursday, June 22, 2006

What marriage?

I'm not a cynical person, but I have to say, everytime I hear someone say, "Well.. I/She/He married you, didn't I/She/He ??"; I get a little pang of fury. So, just because at one point of time, one decides to take the plunge with another, we're meant to feel relieved and having a sense of euphoria?

Key word: "at one point of time"

Yes, we should feel like we're on cloud nine when we know that this is the ONE, the ONE to have and to hold, through bad and good times, till death do us part. But it's definitely NOT just about that instant .. It's about being in a team, unfailingly with each second that goes by. Marriage is not a trophy that you can lift up and say, "We did it!" , in fact, it should just be, "Been there, done that.. Now for OUR next move..." From here on, is where the real award kicks in.

Everytime you do something that makes the other happy, you deserve a medal and for each sincere sacrifice you'll go further ahead in the pursuit of happiness. For each time one holds back from hurting the other, then both can claim themselves as a clear winner; you for putting another before yourself and her for having someone who truly cares for her heart. This, ladies and gentlemen; as you can see has NOTHING to do with, "I married you, didn't I?"

Today, Homer and I celebrate our 4th Wedding Anniversary. I often (okay.. more than often) ask him why he loves me (notice it's "love" and NOT "married") and he'll always have some wacky answer, like, "reason no#3652 : because you say, I'm on camp Anniston!" (And I said this with conviction and much fervor!).

Here's to many more wacky reasons ...


Sunday, June 18, 2006

All in a day's work

I believe I wrote in one of my posts that ironing helps me to calm down, provided that the mood kicks in. So just now, I decided to iron Homer's shirts to calm my nerves while watching Japan vs. Croatia match. Surprised? like I said.. I don't hate football.. in fact during my uni days, I actually followed the EPL religously. I mean, you gotta admit.. a woman can always have some fun watching 22 fit and athletic men running around in shorts, right?? If men can objectify women, so can we.

Homer would've been proud of how worked up I got with the game.. to the point of cursing in Japanese. Righto, back to calming my nerves. I was ironing one of Homer's work uniform that he had to wear in a recent conference and at the back of the shirt it said, "Reduce Uncertainty To Maximize Recovery". Huh? Was my first reaction.

Then it dawned upon me, let's for one minute take it out of the context of his work. This can be applied in our everyday situation. Think about it. When we have everything out in the open, as in laid out so that all is transparent - then you have nothing to fear and in fact, nothing to lose and everything to gain. In other words, if one is open and truthful; you project to other people your principles and in turn, you will get the most of what you want from people around you.

Applied on football, it will be something like, get as many goals so the team is certain to maximise their chance of winning.

Applied on everyday life, getting people to see the real you so that they in turn will be true to you.

Well, it kinda made sense when I was ironing.. more psycho babble next time I iron... don't hold your breath though..


Friday, June 16, 2006

All I can say is..

Dolce .. Dolce .. Dolce!

Who is the hunky player on the furthest right in the bottom picture? Homer a.k.a my world cup trivia guy is away on an all boys diving trip.. Can anyone help me with this.. And now to check when's their next match. Finally my reason to watch the cup of life .. Subby Hubby, drooling time.. how abourrit??


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Situation vacant

I believe I'm doing all my girlfriends out there a favour by putting this one out.

Situation Vacant: Attentive partner

Job description: Maintaining healthy emotional connection between partners, creating loving and caring environment within the alliance.

Must be mature, intelligent, caring and dependable. Work available on contract basis, ending 9th July. Extension of contract can be negotiated. Football junkie need not apply, interested individuals may submit their resume via email.


I don't hate football, it's just that sometimes it makes me feel a little less important.. ya know what I mean?


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Devil Herself...

The little girl ran into her mother's room, crying... " Mummy, am I a demon???". Puzzled, the mother came to her little girl and asked why she said that. "There's this boy, who shares my birthday and he's eevilll.. and he has the mark 666 on his head", the girl sobbed. She smiled and said, ", rizu-chan.. you're my little angel..". As the sobs dies down, the girl asks her mother if she could just confirm that she's really not the demon by checking that she has no such mark on her head. No such symbols seems apparent, confirms the mother. The little girl walks away, relieved, but ...

She just can't help but wonder if..

Today, eerily.. she wore all black .. frilly skirt and v-neck top combination.. walking knowingly how good her bum looks as the frills sashays itself.. The devil herself is out celebrating.. but nothing over the top.. As she might just blow her cover. After all today is special.. O Six O Six O Six .. She's turning 32, not too young, not too old but most importantly.. not too shabby.

Will the mark presents itself?
Will the demon surface?

We'll just have to wait and see..

Now, where can she find an all red leather pants and bustier with matching red whip...

Happy Birthday you devil.. you..

And by 'you' .. I mean 'me'...