Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's been up?

.. For those who actually wants to know..

- Caught up with the latest in the HQ, with The Grinder, who was just here last week. Things are getting very political apparently. And he noted that I should be very wary of one of colleaques, "he's the closest you can get to the Talented Mr. Ripley", Grinder warned. I expected that, what with him steamrolling me on his last visit here. Mr. Ripley (is what I'm calling him from now on..) is in for a ride of his life if he wants to play this game with me.. I'm a fireball, don'cha know???

- Potty training Ni-Mu. Yes, imagine the fireball wiping the pee trail off the carpet, floor, etc. This is probably the main reason for my absence.

- Been trying to practise yoga breathing and "stillness of mind". Impossible task, especially when one have to deal with Mr. Ripley and Pee-trailing Ni-Mu. And top it all with, me feeling kecik-hati because Homer has lost his wedding band.

I might just gobble down another cupcake. Compliments of the gracious Super Lawyer Mom. I can gobble it down, right?


Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Rain.. rain.. go away
Come again another day
Little L wants to play
Rain.. rain.. go away

Wowser... it's really pouring now.