Monday, February 27, 2006

Wonder Woman

This was me just hours before little Ni-Mu came into the world. If you thought, "wowser.. that's huge!!" You should've seen my side profile..Yes.. I was that big!! .. and yep, this t-shirt is now stretched beyond recognition.

I was cleaning up my picture folders and found this shot.. and it reminded me how ambitious I was back then (only 3 months ago..) on being the wonder woman extraordinaire ..
supermom, super efficient consultant by day and by night, fabulous chef and sex goddess ..


What was I thinking??

I'm just happy I haven't ended up like Mr. Shellman's projection of my future, "bedak sejuk on my face with a little baby precariously on my left hip in a chaotic house of shambles."

For now I'm happy with me being "Wondering Woman" .. as in "I wonder where the time went?" and "I wonder if people would notice the spit stain that Ni-Mu just did on my top"


Thursday, February 23, 2006

o' brother....

I'm sure many of you saw last night's American Idol, where it's the guys turn to take the stage.

I'm sure many ladies (and even guys) saw Ace .. who sang George Michael's 'Father Figure' (yummers)

But... did any of you catch Ace's brother????? (yummeri-doooo!)

Homer's out of the country, can anyone tell? heheheh...


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

KLIA day...

Some people have family day, annual day, casual day...

But for us, we have KLIA day.

How, pray tell do we have KLIA day, you ask?

When you miss 2 flights and spend a chunk of the afternoon waiting for the last flight to our destination - That's KLIA day.

During our hey-day of travels, both Homer and I have NEVER missed a flight, so you can imagine our frustration when we missed not only one, but two flights back to Homer's hometown. Local destination probably ain't our thing. (eksyen lebih..)

Poor baby Ni-Mu for having to sit in her carseat for 2 trips to the airport. The elements was against us, but we were lucky that there was another flight that we can take with Air Asia. Ironically, its the flight I suggested to Homer earlier on when we were planning the trip..

So the moral of the story is..


Oh... and on a more interesting note, Ni-mu actually said "Hi.." (very loud and clear, if I may add) to a teenage boy while waiting to board our third-time's-the-charm-flight. Homer is now worried that our little baby may have the tendency to like older men...


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sweep, sweep, sweep

Can someone just explain me what the hell is CURLING all about??

It's just a bunch of men sweeping like mad along the icy track with a bulls eye at the end. The thing they hold in their hands looks very much like my dry-mop.. you know.. the one that is great on dust and hair on the floor.

And the ultimate question would be .. Can I get the athlete's phone numbers? They'd make great cleaners, what with all their training. I'm pretty sure they've nothing to do after the Torino Olympics.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Mango freeze..

... it has been 4 days since my little Ni-Mu did a poopie-doo. For those who do not have babies of their own, let me just tell you that they can poop like 4-5 times a day in their first few months! So you can imagine how worried I was. It happened last week and the doctor gave us some glycerine mixture to squirt up her you-know-what. Poor baby..

The effect was almost immediate. You know the saying, "when it rains, it pours".. well, it really poured! Ni-Mu practically was "producing" mango freeze. I swear it can fill up the large slurpee cup.

We thought her trauma would be over, but it looks like my little Ni-Mu will be serving me some mango freeze tomorrow.