Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm looking for a part time baby-sitter. Preferably someone who can make their own way to my place. If anybody knows of someone that does this kind of services, let me know.

The other option is to find a drop off nursery.. Any recommendation for Ampang area?


Friday, July 13, 2007

Life is a stunt!

I am huggable.
I am adorable.
Made 100% to be cuddled, played with, loved.
Most importantly I am here to love without ever judging you.


You dress me up, adorn me.. you even gave me flowers

And now I'm strapped at the hood of the car, going 100 kph!
Bugs splattered across my face, my beautiful soft fur is now splotchy .. almost a rag.


My version of what those "poor teddy bears used as part of wedding car ornament" are thinking...

Poor teddies! Every single time I see teddies on any of those lavishly decorated cars, I kept imagining the horrors it must has gone through... It's like, so you think you're gonna be hugged and loved.... you're wrong!!! I'm gonna strap you up and let you have a taste of life in the fast lane!!

Kesian Teddy... I'd give you a hug but....


Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm still here..

My.. my.. just realized how long it's been since I last updated this blog. I don't even know where to begin.. Isn't it scary how today became yesterday, and yesterday became last week, and last week became last month? Time is a funny thing.

And what, pray tell, have I been doing all this while.. BUSY.. doing I can't remember what anymore ..

All I know is that there has been a lot diaper changing, cos Ni-Mu had a bout of diarrhea.. going over endless invoices, cos it's the end of 2nd quarter.. and of course lots of making up in the "buying" department. I've forsaken my shopaholic self, and now she's back with a vengeance!

But amidst all this, I'm a woman with a goal.. To achieve this goal by end of this year I must -

1) Cook dinner every day. We spend waaayyyy too much on food. An average of 2 dinners at Chilli's every week is inexcusable.

2) Stop buying white shirts/tops/dresses. I have too many .. Other colors are permissible, I can't "kill" fashionista-L, can I?

3) Not charge anything to the old credit card.. Seeing my bank account shrink should scare me silly plus, cash is the way to go right?

On the bright side -

1) I've almost cleared my credit card. "Almost" being the key word here.. I should've never taken up that bloody "on the phone loan".. for people like myself, it's a total scam... and now I have to pay the remaining stupid loan....

2) Ni-Mu is helping out by refusing to eat her proteins... She actually prefers vegetables.. go figure! I had to sneak her chicken bits underneath the carrots and green beans. Veggies are cheaper than chickens, right?

3) The whole of Malaysia's on sale now. So basically I'm getting my stuff cheaper... (Okay, I'm not sure whether this should be categorized under "the bright side" but 50% off gotta mean something!)

And on the high note -

1) A designer cum boutique owner in KLCC actually came up to me last week in Zara's changing room and asked me whether I got my dress at Pucci, and whether it is still available. *gasp* I can carry off 99 ringgit dress as Pucci! Beat that! I normally don't make a big deal out of this.. but this woman is a designer in her own right.. I even have some of her stuff. To top it all, she showed me a beautiful Pucci jacket that she had just bought!

2) I'm grateful that my silver lined jelly-ish tummy is what it is... Did you all see that "Sextuplet" docu-drama? That woman is brave indeed!