Sunday, January 04, 2009

Yoohoooo Frank!

The tailored black suit.
The sleek black Audi.
The non-chalant fighting skills.
The clean, crisp white shirt.
And the body underneath.


What are the odds of finding a guy called Frank who drives a bad ass Audi here?

Probably none.

There might just be a Frankie, though...


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Hello '09!

The first day of 2009. Wow. It's finally here. I'm a little embarassed to say this but I bought my '09 planner in October, and was looking forward to jotting down many appointments and schedules.. So far, I only have a trip to Bandung penned in.

I ended '08 grooving to Mama Mia!.. and started '09 in high def.. via Blue Ray, plenty of fireworks, from here to "Klang" (according to Entrepreneurina) thanks to Mr. & Mrs Shell kind invitation. Lunch was surprisingly pleasant and a cosy dinner for three. An email saying my team has hit last year's sales projection.. Positive bank balance (albeit not so healthy..), my "Benefit a.k.a Dr Becky" project still going strong..

So far so good. And now, to fill my cute little planner up.. Lunch, anyone?