Monday, August 13, 2007

Do I still need a helmet?

What does one do when they suddenly have some free time and feeling adventurous?

Unlike Subby Hubby's comment in the previous post, not everyone has the luxury of having affairs with two of their bosses..

Today, I plonked myself on Mr. Ninen's chair and let him do his magic.

45 minutes and 2 chinese teas later, my reflection stared back at me .. There I was, sans curls and 3 inches of hair..

I LOVE it...

Mr. Ninen of course loved it too.. but then, he says that to all his clients.. So, can't really take his word.


So here I am, typing.. and every 3 minutes; I sneak a sideway glance to see my reflection (yes, again and again) on the wardrobe mirror.

Funny, at times, I look like I'm wearing a helmet.. and at other times, I'm loving the new do ...

Whatever it is, I am officially no longer able to sport the beehive ala Amy Winehouse. I wonder if the thick black eye liner effect can work with helmet-ish hair..

"They tried to make me go to rehab.. but I won't go.. go.. go.."

Okayyy, definitely won't work.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

You don't know me... or do you?

I'm one complex woman. Really.

I'd like to think that I'm highly intelligent, but to date, I have no inkling on what MENSA stands for.

I'd like to think I'm tech savvy, but I still have problems creating charts from my excel files.

I buy those hard cover marketing / sales books, but I find myself drawn to the racks where pictures of Britney, Katie Holmes, Posh Becks are splashed in a collage-like manner. (..and bought those to..)

The good thing is, I know I am complicated, hence the title of yours truly's blog.

I am everything rolled into one quirky ball, the good, the bad and the ugly... but a BALL nonetheless. I do distinctly remember Barney (yes, the purple dinosaur), singing.. "if you have a ball, you have the greatest toy in the world!" .. So I guess I am the greatest toy in the world!

I forgot why I started typing this entry.. Looking back, it could have been the beginning of a very deep insightful composition on the complexity of human nature. But I've lost track of my thoughts and now it's just another account of a spaced out gal who's been watching a lot of imaginary dinosaurs, monsters and people dressed up as the alphabets on TV.



Friday, August 03, 2007

My solecism...

A long lost friend once told me that people do stupid things. And there's nothing we can do about it.

I asked him, "Have you done lots of stupid things?"

He answered, "Yes, many.. "

I asked again, "Do you think I'm making a stupid mistake now?"

"Yes.." He said , his eyes bore into mine. Pleading. " I don't want to be your stupid mistake"

That was 10 years ago.

I saw him today, as I was walking to the car, my whole life in tow.

He said hello. I smiled back, "Hey! Look at you.." . I wanted to say so many things, but just couldn't.

I wanted to tell him, he was right.. people do stupid things .. but he was not a mistake per say, because I learned so much from him. Seeing him again today, reminded me how much I have grown. Without trying to make him appear like a mere object ... he was useful after all...