Friday, January 27, 2006

What did you talk about today?

While everyone else thinks about worldly topics - perhaps the fate of Israel now with Sharon's condition or something with a local twist - whether they should open an account with the banks that has a branch in KLCC.. or what shall we do with over the long Chinese New Year weekend..

Homer and I mull on whether we should cut Ni-Mu's hair because she's beginning to sport a mullet.

Omygawwwddd.. is it me or her hair is getting longer at the back?
Eeeeek! Ya laa ala Michael Bolton..

Yes, I truly have nothing else to write about except that we may have to face the fact our daughter is turning into Michael Bolton.


Monday, January 23, 2006


Who: Over-emotional L and Cranky Ni-Mu

Where: Unit 5, level 4, my apartmen building

When: Approximately 12.20 pm

What: Me crying my eyes out watching the ending of a movie called "The Notebook" while Naiara hangs on to me crying to go to sleep. Kodak moment indeed!


Monday, January 16, 2006

How was your weekend?

Last Saturday, I finally saw a glimpse of what I would call the "old me" (with that darn little pouch that just wouldn't budge.. what's up with that???). I had a mini girls night out! Okay, so it was only me, Entrepreneurina and Sing-Sing Gal, but I had fun.. It's been a while since I could just lounge around listening to good music and drink Coke (ahem-light).

Hurrah for me!

I knew it was time to go when my breasts started to feel a little tingly.. ladies and gentlemen, that's what you call a "milk letdown". A time when my chest expands from a C-cup to a D-cup.

Aaah, the joys of motherhood.


Friday, January 06, 2006

Calling beautiful ladies..

Okay,I've been keeping this in long enough. Anyone out there seen this "Malaysia's Most Beautiful" program? I seem to catch bits and pieces of it and ironically, it's uggllyyy..

Last night, with only 4 contestants to go, I thought .. hmm maybe the last 4 are potentially beautiful people. Oh.. was I wrong. I feel sorry for the judges for having to keep up with the lot all this while, and their challenge last night was a total fiasco.

To top it all off, during dinner one of the finalist (the one with long curly wavy hair) commented that she liked the mushroom she was eating .. shitake mushroom which she pronounced she-take (shitek).


Come on Malaysia, is this what we have to show to define Malaysia's Most Beautiful?


Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is it really 2006?

Does the New Year count if you slept through it?

You got it, I.. slept through the change of year, after the (not so much) build up to it. With all the new changes in my life, I settled with watching the KLCC New Year countdown concert on TV, and realized for the first time ever that KRU cannot sing to save their lives. Please, no hate mail on this.. I used to think they're the breath of fresh air our local music industry needed, (studios can do wonders on recordings!) So I was fooled too.

So here I am, new year, new baby and let's not forget the new body. The problem is, when you have too high of an expectation on yourself, you get easily frustrated when things doesn't come exactly like what you planned. For example, motherhood was real challenge, breastfeeding was an exceptional curve for me, plus getting used to having someone who practically clings on you for her dear life.

I'm not complaining about my miracle, I'm just saying don't expect a certain scenario and stick with that. Brace yourself, your life is NOT a movie. I should have known better - Life is a series of challenge, take it as it comes.

So, I reckon since I have finally overcame my mutilated nipples problem. Next would be getting back in shape. I know the books are saying 9 months up.. so 9 months down.. again eager lil' me just ain't happy everytime I see my own reflection.

Just so you know - I have not morphed into a manic depressive, this is me lacking sleep and a little dosage of privacy and missing the "old" L. Ah well, that's the challenge, right?

Bring it on 2006!!