Thursday, December 27, 2007

Highlights and Lowlights

.. Nope, I'm not talking about my hair..
Just the regular roundup of the year that is (soon to be was) 2007

Laugh out loud moment
- Ni-Mu wanting to brush my hair down there with her toothbrush.

Proudest moment
- Ni-Mu saying out loud repeatedly, "..mmmmm, so i-cious!" while having her carbonara, which I made from scratch.

Victoria Beckham moment
- That superb photo at HK Disneyland!

Blood curling moments
- Telling somebody that trust can only be gained.

Momentums that just don't quit
- Fabulous friends, my terrible two monsterina, the much too real Homer and all those wonderful outfits!

Longest 6 hours of my life
- Daddy dearest undergoing heart bypass

And for all those in between moments that makes this life what it is and who I am today. I salute you.

We'll have more respect for each other next year, I promise.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What I want for Christmas..

I desperately need a new laptop.

And I am due for a new one from my company, but then, that means I have to make a trip to HK and face the boss. Yikes! Am not sure if I'm ready for that. I guess I can wait till next year. Or perhaps I can ask whether I can just get a new one here and get them to pay for it later...

So anyways... here I am..back to the old "office".. Starbucks . And I'm stuck with a laptop that constantly needs to be connected to the powerline. Argh!!!!!

Looking around, I have the most pathetic laptop.

I desperately need a new laptop. That's it, I'm writing a mail to my boss.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The price for vanity

Nobody to blame except oneself.


My skin was perfect the way it was, it's tough yet break-out free, not blemish free and perhaps the pores would be better off if it shrinks a little, but like I said, problem free. In fact I just use over the counter facial wash.. no toner, and some sunscreen.

..and then I decided to try SKII, skin was perhaps slightly better (slightly more work though.. toning, essence and all..) After that , got suckered into a year long program of facials and of course new facial products from the salon. Still, skin was perfectly fine.

Now that I'm done with my "facial program", I decided to go back to SKII. After all, my skin was alright when I used it.



I present redness-with-extra-dry-flaky-skin-L

So according to the ladies at the counter, my skin's PH has changed since the last time I used their products and has become very dry, hence the sensitivity. For their products to work its magic... I just have to keep on course (minus the toner and some other stuff) and let the dry skin die and fluff out.

So, until Friday, I will be a humanoid lobster face, with some flakiness. Sans make up. *aiiieeeeee*

Ni yang orang kata, masalah cari sendiri.